June 3, 2014

Kyle starts the show off by discussing his recent experience performing at the Sasquatch festival and his appearance on Howard Stern before everybody discusses their current work projects and life status. Then, film composer and music editor Nate Underkuffler joins the crew to discuss film composing, film scoring, changing musical trends, and the landscape of the composing world. Tune in to hear a great interpretation of The Fast and the Furious by the gang and more!

May 27, 2014

Tig, David, and Kyle start off the show with Kyle’s story about his TV, Tig’s house hunting, and discussion about gluten and Celiac. Then, Australian musician/actor/writer Tim Minchin joins the crew for an excellent discussion about existence, materialism, the usefulness of multivitamins,  spirituality, consciousness, and they go deep into some interesting concepts like the power of positive thinking and what happens after death.

May 20, 2014

On today’s episode of Professor Blastoff, Tig is on pills due to tooth problems, and the gang talks about Kyle’s nutritionist, Celiac disease, Amy Schumer, and worship jams. Then, Becky Popelka from DePaul University comes to the hatch to talk about the process of accepting students into college, student reactions, and she recounts the story of how she got to her current position. Also, Tig talks about some of her old high school friends including Leopard Larry.


May 13, 2014

Tig, Kyle, and Dave start the show by talking about massages and show tunes. Then, Tig’s brother Renaud Notaro from the Sports Think Tank joins the crew to discuss Michael Sam, the media, jersey sales, the Tim Tebow effect, and the effects of sexual orientation and race on the careers of professional athletes. Bonus: a couple of improvised show tunes from the gang!

May 6, 2014

Tig, Kyle, and David start the show off by discussing Easter and its weird by-products, bunnies, and traditions. Then, David Kennedy from the Rand Corporation joins them to discuss social groups, what makes someone interesting, comedian networking, social IQs, and friendship. If you’re still not convinced, you’ll hear a brand-new female version of the Scuttleback song, and more topics like Twitter, homeless people, and #diarrhea!



April 29, 2014

Kyle, Tig, and Dave talk about the difference between good and bad surprises, and Tig regales the others with the ultimate poop story. Then, animator from Cosmos Sara Pocock climbs in the hatch to talk to the Professor Blastoff gang about different animation processes, changing technologies, her Earwolf animations, and unique types of animation. Tune in for some great Bill Cosby impressions, mother meditation, and more!

April 22, 2014

After the Blastoff crew talk about Kyle’s new “silly act” disease diagnosis and their incredibly busy schedules, they welcome incredible illustrator & screen printer Dave Kloc to discuss screen printing. They’ll chat about how Dave got into art, how he went from making posters for bands to making posters every week for the Meltdown comedy show every Wednesday at Meltdown comics in Los Angeles, and his screen printing process.

April 15, 2014

The Professor Blastoff gang start the show off by talking about future parenthood and Tig describes her “new thing” jar. Then, previous guests Corey Beilstein and Rob Cherry III come back to the show to flip the script and ask the questions for a change. The question and answer portion delves into creativity, comedy careers, identity, alter-egos, children, originality, and more.


April 8, 2014

The Professor Blastoff gang starts the show off by talking about double milking, they do a relationship check-in with Tig, and Dave talks about his smooth pickup skills. They also do a mother meditation session where they chat about dreams and lucidity.  Then, guest Penelope Lombard comes on to talk about her experience with her heart problems, sea turtles, pacemakers, surgery, and details about how the heart works. Also, the scuttleback makes another appearance.

April 1, 2014

Tig, David, Kyle, and Josh Radnor discuss top shelf thoughts, how to navigate life in the public eye,  the benefits of directing vs. acting, and Tootsie. Then, the gang goes on to talk about film-making, writing, music, and current happenings in the film world.

March 25, 2014

Tig, David, and Kyle start the show off by discussing some topics such as  healthy eating, etiquette for addressing people when hiking, and a wide variety of bodily functions and embarrassing moments. Then, guest Peter Spruyt joins the team to walk through the process of adopting a child in detail, including details on closed adoption vs. open adoption, his true experience with nature vs. nurture, and the true costs involved. 

March 18, 2014

The Professor Blastoff gang starts off with some light-hearted stories this week about meditation, Ben Kingsley, and weird sex pills. Then, guest Leslie Spann joins to discuss how empathy can affect daily life and normal interactions for extremely empathetic people. They go down a darker path that weaves through death, forgiveness, resentment, David and Goliath, old age, and whether it’s weird to eat alone in a restaurant.


March 11, 2014

The Professor Blastoff crew start the show off by discussing how much money is a normal amount for a person to take to Vegas and plan an RV camping trip, followed by Aaron’s goodbye and a tale about the dangers of garlic. Then, David’s old friend from Austin’s The Hooligan Show, Doug Mellard comes by to discuss a number of experiences with anxiety including: self-diagnosed AIDs, masturbation, medication, meditation, and panic attacks.

March 4, 2014

Dan Phipps, a blastronaut who has a MLIS from UCLA and works at the California Digital Library on the Data Management Plan Tool joins the gang to teach them some facts about how to collect data, what it means, and how to use it get the results you want when it comes to crafting perfect jokes.  Also, the group discusses Crock pots, Craigslist, and finally bring back the “scuttleback”.

February 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered if you have synesthesia or if you are a super taster? Sensory science expert Corey Beilstein joins the Blastoff crew to test the gang with certain taste and smell experiments and teach us all a little about how the science of our senses works. This episode also includes a baby announcement and a great celebrity story!