Asif Ali, George Basil: Actor on Actor

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus #92 August 19, 2016

Asif Ali and George Basil are hard working Hollywood actors. Every week they discuss the craft, the big projects they are shaping from the ground up, and the jobs that got away on their podcast Actor on Actor. This week they are joined by the very talented actress Carla Butcher to chat about her biggest role in the widely successful Pirates movie, having the chance to play Rambo growing up in the Cleveland community theater scene, and booking a commercial audition while recording the episode. Plus, Traci Reardon stops by to offer her Twitter followers advice on crying on command as well as other acting tips in another edition of “Help Me, Rhonda.”

This episode is sponsored by Magoosh, Mack Weldon, and the Now Hear This Podcast Festival.

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