October 13, 2022

EP. 228 — Lizzie Borden’s Chill Out Room

Mano and Betsy examine the world’s most haunted houses deciding to “stay, stray, or go away.” They also check in with their favorite spooky friends including The Shining Twins and Sam the Scarecrow (Lamar Woods). Later on, Leprechaun, Dracula and more iconic villains go head to head as the SCARY HORNY BOWL continues. Follow @Earwolf on Instagram and Twitter to catch Ginger the possessed doll terrorizing Earwolf studios, plus more freaky, frightening updates!


Would you Stay, Stray or Go Away from?

Lizzie Borden House

Corvin Castle

Ancient Ram Inn


Clip [00:29:04] A friend with weed is a friend indeed. But a friend with the gold is the bes t I’m told. Betsy [00:29:11] And I’ll say I don’t think Jigsaw’s that funny now. Mano [00:29:16] No, Jigsaw’s not funny. Betsy [00:29:17] Jigsaw is like, you know that middle school kid who’s like, I’m fucked up and you’re like, Oh , I don’t give a shit. Mano [00:29:25] Yeah. Betsy [00:29:25] And I guess a bunch of people. Mano [00:29:27] Right? Like, oh, there’s this really dark new anime I’m watching. And you’re like,. Betsy [00:29:32] Yeah. Mano [00:29:32] Oh. Betsy [0 0:29:33] I gotta get outta of here. Mano [00:29:34] I don’t much care for that. I don’t much care for that sort of thing. And they still tell you about it. They’re like. Betsy [00:29:39] Oh, they definitely still tell you about it. Mano [00:29:40] Oh, good, you’re interested. Okay, cool, I’ll talk more. Betsy [00:29:43] No, I

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