October 6, 2022

EP. 227 — Ghost Haunting is like Dating

They’re BOOO-ack! In the first episode of this special spooky series, hosts Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapion buy a possessed doll to haunt Earwolf Studios, check in with their favorite monsters (ft. Lauren Lapkus), and decide on the ultimate villain in the SCARY HORNY BOWL. Follow @Earwolf on Instagram and Twitter to catch Ginger the possessed doll terrorizing Earwolf studios!


Clip [00:27:44] Welcome to my Nightmare. Betsy [00:27:47] Well, Freddy Krueger is funny, and that’s big when it comes to all of this. He’s got a sense of humor. He’s funny. He has fun with his kills. Mano [00:27:58] Uh huh. Jason not funny. Not funny at all. Betsy [00:28:02] Not funny one bit like you would say, he’s one of those people where it’s like, Was that a joke? And then you’re like, Oh, that was not a joke. Mano [00:28:09] Yeah, no. Betsy [00:28:10] And when you joke , he just doesn’t get it. Mano [00:28:13] He does not get it. He’s slow. He is slow. That’s another thing to think about. You’re going out to dinner. Betsy [00:28:20] But. Mano [00:28:20] He’s slow. Betsy [00:28:21] But he’ll get there. Mano [00:28:23] He’ll get there. Betsy [00:28:24] Without knowing it. Mano [00:28:26] Yeah, but at that point, you’ve been sitting there for 10 minutes. He pops up and he’s like, Cha cha cha,

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