October 27, 2022

EP. 230 — The Final Boys

It’s the final episode of 2 Spooky 2 Handle, and the stakes are high! Mano and Betsy debate how one becomes a final boy or girl and predict how they’d both die in a horror movie. They also check in with their favorite monsters including Ray Ray & Baby Oopsies (Oscar Montoya), and the MOM-bies (mom zombies). Finally, it’s time to reveal once and for all the coolest, scariest and hottest horror villain in our SCARY BOWL!


2 SpookyBetsy [00:00:11] We’e boo-ck. Mano [00:00:14] Have you been hunting for horro? Betsy [00:00:16] Boning for booze? Mano [00:00:19] Tingling for terror? Betsy [00:00:22] Slutty for slashers? Mano [00:00:24] Freaky for fright? Betsy [00:00:25] So have we! That’s why we’re bringing that classic, stupid love of all things horror. Because evil never dies. Mano [00:00:34] It simply rests. Waiting for the right moment to exact revenge. Betsy [00:00:39] Reawke. Mano [00:00:41] And show everyone its honking zombie boner. Betsy [00:00:45] That’s right, you spooky slobs. Mano [00:00:47] This is 2 Spooky 2 Handle. Betsy [00:00:51] Yes. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to 2 Spooky 2 Handle. We’re your host, Betsy and Mano. Mano [00:00:58] And this is a special show for the month of October that gets you all spooky and horny for the Halloween. We’re in the final week. And my God, we’ve been truly torturing the lovely people at Earwolf because, my God, the nu

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