October 19, 2023

EP. 330 — The Pope’s Exorcist LIVE!

The HDTGM crew break down 2023’s The Pope’s Exorcist starring one of our finest Italian actors, Russell Crowe. LIVE from Largo in Los Angeles, Paul, June, and Jason discuss Russell Crowe riding his Vespa from Italy to Spain, how the movie retcons the Bible, and what they would do if their own child became possessed. Plus, they scrutinize the real-life Father Amorth’s claim that he performed over 100,000 exorcisms.


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Paul Scheer [00:00:01] (Bad Italian Accent) Exorcism issa aboutas hard as doing an Italian accent. We saw the Pope’s Exorcist, so you know what that means!   Music [00:00:10] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:04] Hello people of Earth, and Hello people of Largo! Today we are talking about The Pope’s Exorcist, a movie that came out in 2023, a movie that is based on a true story. This is fact. What do you need to know about this movie? Well, a couple of things. The pope has an exorcist and he sends them out like a goddamn Ghostbuster. When there’s a problem, Russell Crowe jumps on a Vespa which we’ll discuss and saves the goddamn day. This movie is amazing. And not just the accents. There are so many things to break down, so many things to talk about in this movie. But here is just a little subject line. It’s fucking awesome. More movies like this, more loose fitting clothes on Russell Crowe. Because I think it brings out something good. No belts.

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