December 7, 2017

Laura Mayer, Executive Producer of Show Development at Midroll Media joins Lex Friedman and Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The three discuss Laura’s past in radio and how she defines her current role at Midroll. Laura also outlines the development process and what to look for in a successful podcast pilot.

November 23, 2017

Chris Giliberti, Head of Multiplatform at Gimlet Media joins Lex Friedman and Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The three discuss Giliberti’s early days at Gimlet, and transition to his current position from his original role as Chief of Staff. Chris also explains his method for divining which podcast properties can be best adapted for screen as well as new emerging formats.

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November 9, 2017

Colin Anderson, Executive Producer of Earwolf joins Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The pair discuss Colin’s background as a BBC Radio producer and how that led to a job in podcasting across the pond. Colin also describes his idea of what makes a show uniquely Earwolf, and some plans for the network moving forward.

October 26, 2017

Nathan Russell, Creative Director at UCB Comedy/Don’t Think Productions and host of the UCB Digital Podcast joins Lex Friedman on The Wolf Den. The two discuss Nathan’s beginnings as an improvisor at the theater and how that eventually led to running their in-house production arm. Nathan also explains the UCB’s philosophy of trying things and seeing what sticks, and how the intimacy of podcasting lends itself to improv comedy in a way video often can’t.

October 12, 2017

Alison Hockenberry, chief of staff of Dubner Productions and executive producer of “Freakonomics Radio” and “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” joins Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The two discuss how Alison’s background as a TV news producer eventually led her to running the “Dubner empire” by embracing the power of saying yes to things. Alison also explains the genesis of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” and details the early trial and error period that led to the show it is today. 

September 29, 2017

Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Panoply Media, joins Chris and Lex on the Wolf Den. The three discuss how journey from working at the digital arm of the Washington Post to podcasting at Panoply. Brendan also explains Panoply’s Megaphone Targeted Marketplace and talks about the future of podcast content and listener metrics.

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September 14, 2017

Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin along with producer Zach Mack from The Ringer’s Binge Mode podcast join Chris on the Wolf Den. The four explain the thought process behind the unconventional rollout as well as the the rigors of releasing ten episodes per week. They also explain how a show about Game of Thrones fits in with the Ringer’s podcasting slate, and how they differentiated Binge Mode from the many other recap shows on the market.

August 17, 2017

Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity and the Chicago Podcast Cooperative, joins Chris and Lex on the Wolf Den. The three discuss how Cards Against Humanity went from a game created by high school friends to a highly profitable performance art piece. Max also talks about his reasons for starting the Chicago Podcast Co-op, his role in bringing Hello From the Magic Tavern to Earwolf, and his favorite podcast ads.

August 3, 2017

Kathy Doyle, senior director of audio for Macmillan Podcasts and the long-established Quick and Dirty Tips Network, joins Chris and Lex on the Wolf Den. The three discuss the creation of QDT, from its humble beginnings with Grammar Girl, to being featured as airline entertainment. Kathy also details the creation of Tor Labs and their first podcast, the science fiction audio drama “Steal the Stars.”

July 20, 2017

Samantha Henig, Editorial Director for Audio at the New York Times, joins Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The two discuss the creation and challenges of her hugely successful new daily news podcast, The Daily, as well as new opportunities for short-form daily podcasts. Samantha also explains how the Times itself defines what makes a Times podcast. Plus, managing the paper’s famous editorial wall between advertising and journalism. And finally, the pros and cons of fielding podcast pitches.

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July 6, 2017

Aaron Lammer, co-host of the Longform Podcast, joins Chris Bannon on the Wolf Den. The two discuss the creation and evolution of the innovative website Lammer helped co-found,, and how podcasting fits into his vision of the site’s future. Lammer also talks about the decision to start a brand new show, Stoner, which highlights the ways in which creativity and pot successfully co-exist. He also addresses the challenges of pot-related-podcast advertising: what do you do when the subject of your show is illegal in most states?

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June 22, 2017

Bob Garfield, co-host of WNYC’s On The Media, joins Chris and Lex on The Wolf Den. Bob details the journey of his new podcast, The Genius Dialogues, from a Kickstarter campaign to its home on Audible Channels. The three also discuss podcasting business models, the advantage of host read ads, and the problem of maintaining editorial independence in an ad-driven environment.

May 15, 2017

Midroll Media CEO Erik Diehn returns to The Wolf Den. The group discusses the formation of the East Coast office, the future of Stitcher, and the value of premium content and partnerships in podcasting.

April 13, 2017

Lauren Ober hosts the only nationally syndicated public radio program about podcasts, “The Big Listen.” She joins Chris Bannon and Lex Friedman on The Wolf Den to tell how the show got started at WAMU and what it was like to get picked up by NPR. Lauren explains how she balances serving the different audiences which listen to the broadcast version of the show, compared to the podcast version. She also discusses the influence and growth of podcasting on public radio stations across the market, detailing the advantages the medium offers these stations. As an experienced journalist and producer who listens to many podcasts with a critical ear, Lauren offers her thoughts on what makes for a consistently engaging show, and how “The Big Listen” team selects the podcasts to feature on the program.

February 23, 2017

According to executive producer Julie Shapiro, Radiotopia is a unique podcast network that she likens to a punk rock record label, bringing together independent shows to help support and grow them. But how does a show get “signed” to Radiotopia? Julie sheds some light on that, in this episode of the Wolf Den, with hosts Chris Bannon and Lex Friedman. She explains the process behind the network’s Podquest contest, in which 1,537 entries vied to be the next podcast added to the Radiotopia roster. Julie also reflects on her career in creative audio, from co-founding the Third Coast International Audio festival in 2000 to leading the production of two new podcasts at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Finally, she offers advice to the aspiring podcaster, and reveals the kinds of show pitches she’s tired of seeing.