Minisode 87.5

How Did This Get Made? #87.5 July 1, 2014

Hulkamaniacs rejoice as next week it’s Mr. Nanny time! Paul jumps into some new segments including “Love It, Hate It, Loved To Hate It” where he shares what he loved, hated, and loved to hate this past week. Then, Paul gets into a classic segment as he goes through some listener Corrections & Omissions for Easy Rider 2. Plus, Paul exclaims that we need a new Ernest as he gives As to your Qs. FYI: The theme for HDTGM LIVE AT LARGO on 7/19 will be sweaty Italian men & sequins as the 8pm movie will be Staying Alive & the 10pm movie will be Rhinestone. Tickets are still available for the 10pm show so head over to now!



Also, you can now check out June Diane Raphael & Casey Wilson in ASS BACKWARDS for free on Netflix & HULU & Paul in OJ: The Musical available on VOD & iTunes! Don’t forget to grab yourself a brand new HDTGM Daredevil T-shirt over at the Earwolf store and a copy of Paul’s comic book Aliens Vs. Parker now available at!




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