Rockin’ and A Rollin’ with Wolfman Hot Dog

Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project #007March 20, 2014

Get excited as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley present a love letter to waterskiing & Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Sha Na Na hosted by Wolfman Hot Dog. Join aspiring Sha Na Na member Wolfman Hot Dog as he shares a portion of his Dreams and Aspirations journal, chats with waterskiing legend Ahi & his cousin Penny about the golden age of waterskiing, and asks former Sha Na Na member Slammin’ Oliver Rothwell about his time in the band. Plus, the biggest Sha Na Na fan Veronica Melcher drops by for some Sha Na Na Trivia.

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Andy Daly, Maria Bamford, Sean Conroy, Matt Gourley, Julie Brister - How Are We Spelling That