December 28, 2022

This week, Leslie and Lenny talk to Lenny’s wife Gina Giardiello Marcus for the second part of the fckry holiday edition.

December 21, 2022

Happy fck’n holidays everyone! This week, Leslie and Lenny welcome Leslie’s family on the show.

December 14, 2022

This week, Leslie plans Lenny’s Shiva just in case he passes away from a surgery. Great news… he is fully recovered. Also, special guest Fortune Feimster joins the show to discuss her start in comedy, her latest Netflix comedy special and how she got her wife. Plus, find out why Kyrie Irving, again, is one of the fckries of the week. 

December 7, 2022

This week, Leslie catches up Lenny on how many times she has had sex at the Comedy Store. Plus, comedian Zarna Garg joins the show and talks about her start in comedy, breaks down arranged marriages and explains why she refuses to pay for her kids college if they don’t get a STEM degree. Plus, the fckries of the week.

November 30, 2022

This week, Lenny and Leslie welcome Emmy Award Winning Comedian Judy Gold to the show. They discuss how Judy got a hernia at 9 years old, any regrets she’s experienced as a comic and how Leslie wants a drag queen President. Plus, find out why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is just one of the fckries of the week.

November 23, 2022

Everybody loves yams for Thanksgiving. So this week, we’re re-releasing a fan favorite, our interview with Yamaneika Saunders.

November 16, 2022

This week, Leslie and Lenny welcome Jacqueline “Jackie” Norvell aka Brown Bag Lady. They discuss the work Jackie does to serve the unhoused in Los Angeles. Plus, Lenny and Leslie answer your listen questions and get into the fckries of the week. Donate to Brown Bag Lady at and support the important work Jackie does.

November 9, 2022

This week, Leslie has no respect for Lenny’s color-coding system but still makes sure he has a great time visiting LA with his wife. Then, Leslie and Lenny answer your fcked up Fan Questions and Leslie gives some incredible advice about fear. Finally, we have the fckry of the week where Lenny ponders the worth of Yankee’s Centerfielder, Aaron Judge as he becomes a free agent and Leslie is sick of the war on women in our society.

November 2, 2022

This week, Leslie and Lenny talk politics with the hosts of Pod Save America, Jon Lovett, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor.  From protecting Democracy to holding elected officials accountable, Leslie and Lenny discuss it all with the former Obama White House Aides. GO VOTE.

October 26, 2022

This week, comedian Jay Pharoah joins Leslie and Lenny on the show. They discuss his new audio book Kiss & Tell and he does a special Halloween version of his famous celebrity impressions. Plus, find out who Leslie and Lenny choose as the one fckry of the week! 

October 19, 2022

This week, Leslie and Lenny welcomes Late Night Talk Show host Seth Meyers to the show. They talk about their time on SNL, Seth’s next move after Late Night and Seth does some of Leslie’s favorite impressions. Plus, find out why weather reporters are just one fckry of the week.

October 12, 2022

This week, Leslie tells Lenny all about her surprisingly productive time at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Plus, they both welcome comedian Yamaneika Saunders and play an hilarious game called “care or don’t care.” It gets wild! Plus, Jackson Mississippi not having access to clean water is just one fckry of the week.

October 5, 2022

This week, Leslie and Lenny are in the studio. They catch up on their fck’d up week, take a survey so y’all can get to know them more and answer your listener questions. Plus, Allen Weisselberg is just one fckry of the week!

September 28, 2022

This week, P-Valley comes to the fckry as Lenny and Leslie welcome Nicco Annan, aka Uncle Clifford on the show. We get an update on Lenny confronting his doorman about getting his daughter’s name right and find out why folks are complaining about student loan forgiveness, in the fckry of the week.

September 21, 2022

This week, while Leslie and Lenny catch up, Leslie shares how she wants her finances handled… by her! They both welcome comedian, writer and showrunner of The Last OG, Owen Smith. Also, Lenny goes off on the importance of keeping high standards in the fckry of the week.