December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas! Marissa and Listler are bringing you a very special Listler’s Love Lockdown, then released from behind the Paywall for you holiday in enjoyment, The Christmas Womptacular! Originally release Dec 18, 2012.

December 17, 2018

Prison inmates and stars of the Scared Straight program “Hey, Come On” Madman McCullough (Sean Clements) and Nice Jones (Hayes Davenport) join Marissa and Listler for a truly educational WOMP It Up! During “Hot Topix,” we’ll hear about Madman & Nice’s greatest hits, what got them into prison, and what they were up to the day they got busted. Then, they share their gripes with branding and long lines during “What’s Cheesing You?” before “Spotlight On” gives the guys a chance to discover a new layer to their relationship.

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December 10, 2018

Welcome back all WOMPsters! This week Marissa and Listler are joined by the newest English teacher at Marina Del Rey High, Mr. Tyler Vibe (John Ross Bowie)! Mr. Vibe discusses how he uses English to connect with his students and reflects on his whirlwind Russian romance. Plus, Mr. Vibe reveals a surprising family connection and offers guidance on loving your career during “Listler’s Love Lockdown.” Then we’ll find out why Mr. Vibe was banned from the teacher’s lounge and his next steps in life when he gets his “Spotlight On.”

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December 3, 2018

Marissa and Listler open their arms this week for Cory Damron (Michael McDonald), the most boring person at Marina Del Rey High! Cory spills the deets on the Instagram stunt that resulted in his temporary death during “Hot Topix.” Then, Marissa addresses bodily changes and Listler serves up an update on her cat army during “What’s Cheesing You?”, and Cory weighs in on what love is like on the other side for “Listler’s Love Lockdown.” Finally, Cory runs down his bucket list during “Spotlight On.”

November 26, 2018

The finest teachers at Hamilton High School, Sam Weatherman (Ryan Rosenberg), Todd Padre (Dan Lippert), Howard Levi’s (Jon Mackey), and Bill Cravy (Drew Tarver) of Big Grande’s The Teacher’s Lounge join Marissa and Listler for a special crossover edition of WOMP It Up! We’ll hear about some of their most teachable moments, dirty talk samples, and new strides in social media before they dive into issues of familial closeness and dried-up honey holes during “What’s Cheesing You?”. Plus, the four educators give sage advice regarding unsupportive relatives and the languages of love during “Listler’s Love Lockdown” before offering words of authenticity to one another for “Spotlight On.”


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November 20, 2018

The only French Canadian in Marina Del Rey, Sheline Lion (Janet Varney) joins Marissa and Listler for this week’s WOMP It Up! Sheline talks about how to tell when Canadians are in a fight, her sponsorship of the show, and leaving her adopted community. Plus, we’ll hear about Marissa’s unfortunate case of identify theft during “What’s Cheesing You?” and doorman obsessions on “Listler’s Love Lockdown” before Sheline digs up long lost memories of her original family for “Spotlight On.”

November 12, 2018

Modeling scout Tara Trout (Beth Appel) takes a break from her wind chime kiosk at the mall to join Marissa and Listler for a heapin’ hot WOMP It Up! Tara discusses her work for Barbizo Modeling and explains exactly what happened to her face before the ladies vent about ghosting culture, relationship intrigue, and landlines for a high flying “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, Tara weighs in on matters of the heart during “Listler’s Love Lockdown,” and later, “Spotlight On” gives her a chance to reveal what nourishes her body and soul.

November 5, 2018

It’s a double whammy this week as Marissa and Listler open their arms to the dynamic duo of women’s studies professor Dr. Cheryl Myers (Stephnie Weir) and band teacher Joe Chantae (Bob Dassie) on another WOMP It Up! Dr. Myers and Mr. Chantae reveal how they fell for each other at an ice cream social before getting deep – real deep – into their sex life. Plus, we’ll hear about the finer points of saxophone politics during “What’s Cheesing You” and vicarious coping methods on “Listler’s Love Lockdown” before the two educators confess to their deepest fears in love during “Spotlight On.”

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October 29, 2018

Marissa and Listler welcome Marina del Rey’s resident mystic Marinetta Papahimona (Mano Agapaion) to predict their futures on another WOMP It Up! Marinetta discusses her craft and the friends she’s made in the dark arts before venting her frustration with her husband’s crazy ideas on “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, we’ll find out why she cast a spell for Fergie during “Listler’s Love Lockdown,” and Marinetta reads everybody’s palms before revealing her true form during “Spotlight On.”

October 22, 2018

Welcome back WOMPsters! Marissa and Listler get in the groove this week with special guest, lunchlady Mary Frank (Natasha Rothwell)! Mary explains where she learned to cook in bulk and her rules for prom night sexuality before getting into why frozen dinners are tearing this country apart on “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, we’ll hear about the importance of the girl gang during “Listler’s Love Lockdown,” and Mary talks about her Jay-Z connection and what she’s like when she isn’t working during “Spotlight On.”


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October 15, 2018

Marissa and Listler are back this week for another WOMP It Up, and they refuse to be ‘tained! Their guest this week is Laotian transplant and Marissa’s mentee, Bing Sumito (Kulap Vilaysack)! During “Hot Topix,” we’ll hear about Marissa’s efforts to help take care of Bing’s family as well as the new website for Bing’s business venture. Plus, they tackle the importance of managing fear during “What’s Cheesing You?” before Bing peels back the layers on her dreams and aspirations for “Spotlight On.”

October 8, 2018

Marissa and Listler practice saying yes to life on another episode of WOMP It Up! They call up student and pal of the show Lil’ Nicky (Chris Gethard) to hear why he’s under house arrest and where all his pubic hair went. Later, Lil’ Nicky vents about boats during “What’s Cheesing You?” before getting deep into what keeps him up at night during “Spotlight On.”

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October 1, 2018

Marissa and Listler are joined once again by Marissa’s stepdad Seth Wompler (Brian Huskey)! We’ll hear everybody’s safe words and all about Marissa’s latest heartbreak during “Hot Topix.” Then, “What’s Cheesing You?” forces Marissa to deal with her queasiness around The Greatest Showman while Seth and Listler explore continuums of expression. Plus, Seth opens up about what he’s afraid to show to the world during “Spotlight On.”

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September 24, 2018

Local crossing guard Dove Washington (Nicole Byer) joins Marissa and Listler to discuss what she does when she isn’t looking for bees on another WOMP It Up! Dove chats about everything from getting stalked by her husband to stealing from petting farms before naming her all-time worst movie sequel on “What’s Cheesing You?”. Later, we’ll find out where the ghosts are hiding at Marina Del Rey High, and Dove receives the spotlight to share some of her earthly regrets.


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September 17, 2018

Marissa and Listler discover the power of the written word as they welcome poet Glen-Garry Glen Schmaltz (Dan O’Brien) to WOMP It Up! We’ll find out the latest on Marissa’s reading list as well as what hand Glen-Garry had in a schoolwide scandal before they air their gripes on What’s Cheesing You. Plus, we’ll hear wise words about living your authentic self during Listler’s Love Lockdown, and Glen-Garry debuts one of his unpublished works during Spotlight On.

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