Bonus Cut: Best of What’s Bothering You? Special

improv4humans #98.5 September 17, 2013

We’ve gathered some of our favorite What’s Bothering You? segments for this week’s special bonus episode of improv4humans which features an all-star roster of improvisers which includes Eugene Cordero, Pamela Murphy, Billy Merritt, Andy Daly, Stephanie Allynne, Chris Kula, Sean Clements, Neil Campbell, Dominic Dierkes, Amy Poehler, Seth Morris, Joe Hartzler, Lennon Parham, Danielle Schneider, Horatio Sanz, and Brian Huskey. We’ll look back at some of the topics that have been discussed such as the use of Twitter during the Boston marathon tragedy, Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend, and the epidemic of ceiling fan suicides. Attention humans, go out and interview your fellow citizens and find out what is bothering them, then send it to the show so it can be played on an upcoming episode of improv4humans! You can now get the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, Matt Besser’s new comedy album at, and Dragoon’s new album at!

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