Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

September 23, 2022

Casey and Danielle are joined by Becca Tobin (1/3 of the incredible Lady Gang podcast) to find how a simple request to Conga at The Caribou Club could go so bad and ask once and for all WHERE WERE THE GODDAMN CAMERAS?!!!!! Was Rinna truly terrified? Why has Erika’s voice lowered a thousand decibels since her first season? And why is Dorit’s daughter keeping her from a full fat Coke?

Plus, we are once again treated to why Kenya is the OG VIP of Atlanta and we learn that Sheree finds no shame in her sucking D game.

It’s the 6th Annual Bitch Sesh Live (from home) Halloween Spooktacular with special guest ANDY COHEN Thursday November 3rd at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST tickets come dressed as in your favorite Bravo Cos-play there will be prizes awarded!!!

September 16, 2022

Deanna Cheng is back as we talk Rinna’s downfall, Kyle’s love of hats, Kathy’s lack of snow wear knowledge, Crystal’s balls and of course Erika being a bad human. Plus there’s all the fuschia fashion from part one of the Atlanta reunion, and Deanna has strong thoughts on Marlo’s new position…Heavy is the head that wears the peach.  Also Bitch Sesh is coming to you LIVE (from home)It’s the 6th Annual Bitch Sesh Live (from home) Halloween Spooktacular with special guest ANDY COHEN Thursday November 3rd at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST tickets come dressed as in your favorite Bravo Cos-play there will be prizes awarded!!!

September 9, 2022

Join Casey and Danielle, along with the rest of the world, in mourning (although nothing to do with The Monarchy and everything to do with SHE By Shein). They are joined by the hilarious and gorgeous Jana Schmieding (Rutherford Falls) who is just as startled as Casey is by Danielles oddly arrogant and personal take away from Sheree’s fashion show. Enjoy!

September 2, 2022

Casey and Danielle fly gorgeously solo this week. Casey is all abuzz over her new favorite show (also the worst show ever made) Selling OC. The girls dive into all that’s going on in the morass that is the Bravosphere. And most importantly, Danielle is incredibly upset that Kyle made Kathy sleep in a bunk bed. Enjoy!

August 26, 2022

Casey and Danielle live in the city of Angels with the gorgeous Matt (McConkey) Grassi and an even more gorgeous crowd of garbage people. They talk about Kathy’s work with the toothless, Marlo’s pedestrian leadership, but they do not talk about HARRY!!!

Plus Ira Madison III and Kristen Vaganos join them for a star studded performance and Paul Wilson is offering the gift of a lifetime.

August 18, 2022

While Casey and Danielle step away from the mic this week, they are not stepping too far from your hearts and memories. Let’s cast our pods deep into the magnificent history of Bitch Sesh to the year 2016, when the gals celebrated their one year anniversary of Bitch Sesh with a VERY special guest – THE boot on the ground himself: Saint Andy Cohen.

August 12, 2022

Joining Casey as co-host is Bitch Sesh fave and the recently betrothed Matt McConkey (now Grassi!) who gives us a window into the wedding of the century.

August 9, 2022

Breaking News! It’s Hair today, gone tomorrow, so Casey Wilson brings you the hottest take from Bitch Sesh’s favorite Celebrity Hair Stylist, Clayton Hawkins after this weekend’s bride Teresa Giudice walked the aisle with true Housewives drama.

August 5, 2022

Casey and Danielle are gifted with the presence of Charles Rogers (Search Party) and unlike Sonya’s sad dinner party food, his takes are anything but dry. We talk Rinna Rose and Rinna Rage, Erika’s dominatrix dreams, and visual penis lines. Plus is Taylor what OC needs? And does she deserve the orange? All questions will be answered, but will also leave us even more confused.

July 28, 2022

The hilarious Sarah Sherman from SNL joins Casey and Danielle and she is giving hot take after hot take!! They talk the finale of Ultimate Girls Trip and if Dorinda did actually use hand sanitizer after peeing in the woods. Plus they discuss why the doors of Alcatraz need to be re-opened for all the housewives criminals. Will we ever get to see She by Sheree, and does it even matter? Plus Sarah poses the most incredible games we have ever played on this show- “Which housewife has “IT?” and which does not…This is NOT TO BE MISSED.

July 21, 2022

Live show on August 25th at Largo in LA! Get tickets here (

We’re off this week, but are posting a Bitch Sesh classic. Join Casey and Danielle and listen back to one of their favorite episodes with one of their favorite people – feminist icon, cultural critic, New York Times best-selling author, funny MF and Bravo OBSESSED, Roxane Gay!!! She is all things and more. They talk Vanderpump, Dorit Dorit Dorit and the nose ring heard round the world.

July 15, 2022

Casey and Danielle can’t stay off the mic this week because Shahs are pleading guilty, Vicky wants it known if she dies she will be dying sad, Sheree has her friends painting portraits of their husbands’ ding-a-lings with acrylics, and Brandi and Taylor have made out. There’s…A LOT going on. Luckily the gals are joined by Actress/Model/Dream Human, Joy Bryant who delivers one of the most impassioned, stirring monologues this program has ever seen. Heard? Strap in because Sutton’s flip-flops won’t save you from this mud! Enjoy!

July 12, 2022

Bonus Ep! Casey and Danielle are in DEEP conversation with comedian, writer, Emmy winner and hilarious human Jessi Klein about talismans motherhood and her new book I’ll Show Myself Out. Plus breaking news about Jen Shah’s guilty plea hits the airwaves and Casey and Danielle are Sha-shocked!!!!! And Sha-ooketh!!!!!

July 8, 2022

Casey and Danielle fly solo to recount the horrors of Garcelle’s party and Sutton’s decorating style. They introduce the world to a new number one hit by an unexpected pop star and remain knelt and dwelt in gratitude for Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club. It’s quite possibly – said without hyperbole – the only thing keeping us afloat in these dark times??

Also please find a link to this week’s DEEP DIVE. It’s an incredibly informative and important episode. June sits down with Amy Merrill, artist & activist, cofounder & digital director of abortion pill info campaign Plan C ( to discuss the future of healthcare and abortion access in America. Amy explains the difference between Plan B and Plan C pills, how to navigate self-managed abortions, the importance of Telehealth, and what folx in Red States need to know about accessing safe reproductive healthcare.

See below for more info and resources:

About Plan C:

Plan C is an information campaign on safe self-managed abortion, with a guide to abortion pills by mail from all 50 states. To learn more, visit 

And find @plancpills on social.


General Abortion Support: 

M+A Hotline ( free medical hotline

ReproLegalHelpline ( free legal support ( directory of clinics and resources

Aid Access ( anyone can order pills in advance or access telehealth from restricted states

For abortion doulas 

Options Counseling: or nonjudgmental after-abortion support: or a safe space to talk about abortion experiences:

Learn about Digital Security at and

Period tracker (Euki) that won’t sell your data:


To the question June raised about logistical support, before or after the 12-week mark: 

For a comprehensive list of all abortion clinics, funds, and practical support organizations, visit

Referral-based service for logistical support:

Logistical support at including regional resources, and free flights at 

Services for Indigenous & young people


To Donate: 

To a shareable multi campaign supporting the future of access

To Plan C

To in-person clinics at ACN or

To support 80+ abortion funds NNAF:

To a brand-new telehealth abortion fund at @abortionfreedomfund

To the repro legal defense fund at

Or contribute to the support orgs listed above.


Join the Movement: 

Spread the word about abortion pills by ordering stickers, printing materials or becoming an Ambassador:

Join the rapid response efforts at

Share your story at

Volunteer with your local abortion fund

Volunteer with the All Options Hotline

Learn movement history at:

Help expose fake clinics:,  @calloutfakeclinics

July 1, 2022

Longtime Bitch Sesh fave Ana Ortiz is back and her love for Sutton is, dare we say, STRONGER than ever. We discuss the best show that has ever been – ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP SEASON TWO that brings us Dorinda’s anger, Tamra’s stupidity, a revived Vicki (thanks to some booze), and Phaedra’s…everything. There’s also the return of Kyle’s slimy splits and why She by Sheree will never go out of style.