February 8, 2016

As Marissa and Listler get ready for prom, they welcome an unexpected guest, B.B. (Matt Besser), Marina Del Rey’s local drug dealer on this week’s WOMP IT UP! They get into the new X-Files, the Super Bowl, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream during another edition of “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, the spotlight is on B.B. as he does his best to piece together the memories of his life. Plus, everyone shares some inspirational messages during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

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January 25, 2016

Marissa and Listler are back with their special guest, Mr. Dan Tennis (Andrew Barbot), Marina Del Rey High’s Computer Teacher on this week’s WOMP IT UP! Mr. Tennis talks Apple and Marissa has a few choice words for listeners during “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, the spotlight is on Mr. Tennis as he tells us about his model train hobby, his foster kids, and his passion for playing acoustic covers of Dave Matthews Band. Plus, Listler reveals what happened to her previous marriage during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

January 11, 2016

It’s 2016 and Marissa and Listler are kicking the new year off strong as they welcome Marina Del Ray High’s Class President Chet Noseworthy (Jack McBrayer) on a new episode of WOMP IT UP! After everyone shares their New Year’s Resolutions, tensions rise between Marissa and Chet during “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, the spotlight is on Chet as he tells us what led him to become Class President, who he is taking to prom, and the Jellyfish incident which required him to use his gifted manhood. Plus, everyone gives listeners advice on being afraid of commitment and more during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

December 28, 2015

Marina Del Ray High is hopped up on Christmas cheer this year as Marissa, Listler, and Substitute teacher Mrs. Patti Raper (Jamie Denbo) gather together on the last day of school for a special Holiday WOMP IT UP! After sharing their holiday plans, we hear everyone’s issues with DiGiorno Pizza, public tampon dispensers being unavailable, and WOMP IT UP merch in a new segment called “What’s Cheesing YOU?” Then, the spotlight is on Mrs. Patti Raper as she tells us about being intimate with a cast member of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, meeting her husband in jail, and her brief time with the Manson Family. Plus, listeners get some advice on long distance relationships and more during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

December 14, 2015

Attention all WOMPSTERS! Marissa has a new boyfriend all the way from Pittsburgh by the name of Matt Yanni (Jon Daly) and they’ve been going out for 7 whole days. Matt tells us about his adolescent alopecia, a very special Thanksgiving dish called “Cthulhuducken,” and what happened to his twin brother & close friends. Later, everyone discusses the importance of safe words during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

November 30, 2015

Marina Del Ray High’s Humanities teacher Rhonda DeLuce (Danielle Schneider) explains what a daddy stitch is to Wompler & Listler on this week’s WOMP IT UP! We’ll also hear about Listler’s jerky shirt endeavor & Marissa’s holiday plans during Hot Topix, the controversy surrounding the Senior Cruise to Cancun that Rhonda chaperoned, and an update on Listler’s relationship with her child August Wilson Listler during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

November 16, 2015

After a brief hiatus, Wompler & Listler are back and bring along Marina Del Ray High’s own guidance counselor and first time podcast guest Red Morrison (Tony Hale) on this week’s WOMP IT UP! They’ll talk about Wompler & Listler’s recent Tijuana Halloween adventure, Red’s inspirational tape series “I Will Guide You,” and the incident that occurred the last time Red tried giving guidance to Wompler. Plus, Red advises Wompler on what to do with her Gutterballs situation.

September 21, 2015

School is back in session and Wompler & Listler are here with Donna “Pep” Delpepio (Jessica Chaffin), a longtime Marina Del Ray High School student to hear about her Marina Del Ray experience on this week’s WOMP IT UP! We’ll find out how Marissa’s Back to School Glee Project went during Hot Topix and why Pep moved all the way from Boston to be student for such a long time. Plus, Pep drops some clues on which teacher she has a crush on as everyone offers love advice to listeners during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

September 7, 2015

Prepare yourself for a roller-derby of emotions as Wompler & Listler put the Spotlight On Marissa’s childhood friend Becca Foster on this week’s WOMP IT UP! After we hear about Wompler & Listler’s Girl Power weekend at the Roller Derby, things get real as we go down memory lane with Becca and learn about her relationship with Marissa growing up in Marina Del Ray. Plus, we’ll discover that Becca has kinks during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

August 26, 2015

The Summer is almost over and Wompler & Listler are back in the Marina Del Ray Public Library with Eric “Gutterballs” Gutterman (Jason Mantzoukas) working the levels! We’ll hear why the Womptacular has been postponed and how Wompler and Gutterballs have been spending their summer nights together. Then, we get the summer scoop on all the happenings from around Marina Del Ray during Gutterballs’ signature segment “Gutterballing with Eric Gutterman.” Finally, Gutterballs makes a big confession as everyone answers listener questions during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

August 10, 2015

Wompler & Listler are back and this time they’re broadcasting from a Barnes & Noble in the Big Apple! We hear why Wompler got fired from her summer job as a lifeguard and why Listler postponed her wedding. Then, Nathan Ponsor (Erik Tanouye), editor of the Lifestyle column for the Daily Dolphin newspaper at Marina Del Ray High joins them to talk publicly for the first time without feeling nauseous about his summer radio internship in New York City, what got him into the gossip game, and where he sees his romantic future going. Plus, everyone gives listeners advice on toothpaste, homecoming, and “Flop, There It Is” during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

July 27, 2015

Scott Aukerman aka the Choctaw and Seth Wompler (Brian Huskey) join Marissa & Listler to WOMP IT UP! in front of a LIVE audience at UCB-Sunset in Los Angeles! After Listler lets us know about her upcoming marriage, Marissa’s mother Diane (Michaela Watkins) arrives to confront Listler once and for all. Later, everyone answers audience questions about Gutterballs, scissoring and more during Listler’s Love Lockdown!

July 13, 2015

Wompler & Listler return to introduce the world to Mike the Janitor (Paul F. Tompkins) as he looks back at all the great times he’s had in his 1st year at Marina Del Ray High! Mike tells us about how running into Wompler at the Grove led to his position at the school, the time he spent overseas fighting for his adopted country, and his Christmas tradition with his wife. Plus, everyone defines what makes an expert dancer during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

June 29, 2015

Celebrate freedom with Wompler & Listler as they welcome Mr. Dustin “Dusty” Magaway (Eugene Cordero), a childhood friend of Wompler who has gone through some big changes on today’s WOMP IT UP! Dusty tells us what made him want to bulk up over the summer, what song he’s going to sing at the talent show with his acapella group Tim Buck Three, and the embarrassing wrestling story that gave him the nickname “Hershey Squirts.” Plus, everyone gives listeners dating advice about ghost farts, racist video games, and more during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

June 15, 2015

Welcome back America! Wompler & Listler continue their broadcast from the Marina Del Ray Public Library and this week they are joined by Health teacher Mr. Joe Bongo (Andy Daly)! Mr. Bongo tells us about non traditional teaching style, his Sex-Ed unit, and  his current student band. Later, we learn about Mr. Bongo’s lucid dreaming as we give out some love advice during Listler’s Love Lockdown. Plus, Mr. Bongo reveals his greatest sadness as he answers questions from the Anonymous Question Box.