June 5, 2018

Hot off the prom, Marissa and Listler are joined by college admissions counselor Billy Reck aka Dr. B (Brian Gallivan) for another WOMP It Up! We’ll hear some of Dr. B’s college essay tips as well as how he’s embracing the Marina Del Rey community during Hot Topix. Then, they help a listener with getting over an ex during Listler’s Love Lockdown, and Spotlight On brings out a special questionnaire for Dr. B.

May 28, 2018

Certified public accountant Mr. Randall Foote (Kevin Sussman) joins Marissa and Lister for this week’s WOMP It Up! Mr. Foote discusses his unfortunate business circumstances and his “technical divorce” before they get into Hot Topix. Then, we’ll hear about the problem with aggressive students during an emotional What’s Cheesing You? and Mr. Foote explains how he first came to love numbers during Spotlight On.

May 22, 2018

Brand new Spanish teacher at Marina Del Rey High School Señor Guillermo Guillermo Rodriguez (Tony Rodriguez) joins Marissa and Listler to WOMP it all the way up top! Señor Rodriguez talks about founding the Latinx club and the perks of living near the beach before explaining how he became the new Spanish teacher. Later, Listler recounts her run-in with a jogger before Señor Rodriguez shares why he left his family behind during Spotlight On.

May 14, 2018

Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, Marissa and Listler (Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham) travel from Marina Del Ray to Hollywood to present another episode of their podcast project Womp It Up! We’re treated to appearances from Marissa’s one-time flame Eric “Gutterballs” Gutterman (Jason Mantzoukas), close friend Bruce Almighty (Matt Walsh), Marissa’s stepdad Seth Wompler (Brian Huskey), and Marissa’s rival Traci Reardon (Lauren Lapkus) as they find out how everybody’s parents met and seek a promposal for Marissa.

May 8, 2018

Street urchin and Listler’s new ward Simon (D’Arcy Carden) joins in for another WOMP It Up! During Hot Topix, Simon talks about the drills he conducts with Listler’s cats while Marissa steams about being replaced. Then, we hear about how Simon came by his circumstances before Listler’s Love Lockdown brings tips on being yourself, and the rivalry between Marissa and Simon comes to a head during Spotlight On.

May 1, 2018

Marissa and Listler take a break from watching step routines to welcome student Ken Manuel Miranda (Anthony King) to this week’s Womp It Up! Ken talks about how having a name similar to the star of Hamilton has made his life miserable as well as the new musical he himself is writing. Later, Listler offers an update on her cat situation during “What’s Cheesing You?” before “Spotlight On” shines a light on one of Ken’s family secrets.

April 24, 2018

Marina Del Rey Public High’s conflict resolution counselor Jenelle Pierce (Jean Villepique) joins Marissa and Listler this week to talk about her role as a “fight facilitator.” We’ll hear about Jenelle’s combat training before getting some tips for fighting flashers during “What’s Cheesing You?” Later, they help listeners with meeting new people during Listler’s Love Lockdown and Jenelle shares her greatest regret for “Spotlight On.”

April 17, 2018

Choir teacher Dr. Gregory Cotton (Zeke Nicholson) brings his dulcet tones to this week’s Womp It Up! During “Hot Topix,” Dr. Cotton tells the story of getting married young and Marissa shares her ideal prom proposal. Then Dr. Cotton addresses the lack of respect in his class during “What’s Cheesing You?” and Marissa and Listler peel back the choir teacher’s layers during “Spotlight On.”

April 10, 2018

Marissa’s longtime rival Traci Reardon (Lauren Lapkus) joins in for this week’s WOMP It Up! During “Hot Topix,” Traci talks about her recent unemployment and her attempts to reconnect with Marissa after their falling out. Then they all share their gripes during “What’s Cheesing You?” and they help listeners with their emotional ages and suspicions of being watched before getting to know Traci a bit better during “Spotlight On.”

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April 3, 2018

The gifted and talented teacher Maximillian Burger III (Brandon Gardner) aka Dr. Burger descends from his tower to join Marissa and Listler for this week’s Womp It Up! We’ll hear all about Listler’s solitary confinement and Dr. Burger’s new approach to dating during “Hot Topix.” Later, Marissa shares her holiday Instagram woes on “What’s Cheesing You?” and Dr. Burger explains his complicated relationship with his mother during Listler’s Love Lockdown.

This episode is sponsored by LaRue Entertainment (www.apocalypesoonish.com).

March 27, 2018

Marissa and Listler are joined by district representatives Scott Plummer and Mickey Braskin (Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar), the identical twins with identical jobs. Scott and Mickey discuss their turbulent home lives and explain the deal with leaving their mustache shavings around. Then, they pitch improvements for The Shape Of Water during “What’s Cheesing You?” and we hear a prom proposal song for Marissa while the twins discover a newfound brotherly love during “Spotlight On.”

March 20, 2018

The new librarian of the Marina Del Rey Public High School Judy Toots (Mary Holland) joins Marissa and Listler for this week’s Womp It Up! Judy talks about her life before entering the Witness Protection Program and explains the meaning of her real name. Plus, we hear about Marissa’s gripes with Daylight Savings during “What’s Cheesing You?” and Judy finds a way to express her regrets during “Spotlight On.”

March 13, 2018

Marissa and Listler keep it loose with Marina Del Rey High student Kent O’Yellow (Shaun Diston) on this week’s Womp It Up!  Kent relates the experience of doing shrooms with his older brother while Marissa attempts to find relief from her ailment. Then, Lister explains why it’s important to teach kids about death during “What’s Cheesing You.” Plus, we find out the best tv show to bang to, and Kent talks about dating and eventually marrying himself during “Spotlight On.”

March 6, 2018

Coach of the Marina Del Rey High football team Kevin Alamo (Chris Kula) joins Marissa and Listler for this week’s WOMP IT UP! Coach Alamo gives Marissa tips on finding the one person to complete her and explains why he left his native Texas during Hot Topics. Plus, we hear about Coach Alamo’s issues with the school mascot and find out what’s going on with his wife during “What’s Cheesing You,” and Marissa & Listler help him prepare for a confrontation with a role-play exercise on Listler’s Love Lockdown.

February 27, 2018

This week, Marissa and Listler welcome the most popular art teacher for the last forty years, Miss Twerck (Julie Brister)! On “Hot Topics,” everyone recalls their romantic Valentine’s Day eves and Listler recounts how she spent her birthday.  Later, Miss Twerck learns what her name means in dance-lingo before explaining how she wound up in Cuba by accident during “Spotlight On.”